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[PATCH 8/9] clone: support narrow checkout with --path option 0 replies git
[PATCH 7/9] ls-files: add --narrow-match=spec option to test narrow matching 0 replies git
[PATCH 6/9] Add support for narrow checkout in unpack_trees() 0 replies git
[PATCH 5/9] Clear CE_NO_CHECKOUT on checked out entries. 0 replies git
[PATCH 4/9] Prevent diff machinery from examining worktree outside narrow checkout 0 replies git
[PATCH 3/9] ls-files: add --checkout option to show checked out files 0 replies git
[PATCH 2/9] update-index: add --checkout/--no-checkout options to update CE_NO_CHECKOUT bit 0 replies git
[PATCH 1/9] Introduce CE_NO_CHECKOUT bit 0 replies git
[RFC PATCH 0/9] Narrow/Sparse checkout round 3: "easy mode" 9 replies git
[PATCH] Fix typo in comments of longest_ancestor_length() 0 replies git
Re: [RFC PATCH 00/12] Sparse checkout 0 replies git
1 ... 388389390391