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Re: [PATCH v2 03/21] t/ generalize test_cmp_rev 1 reply git
Re: [PATCH v2 05/21] t6030: generalize test to not rely on current implementation 0 replies git
[PATCH v2 21/21] bisect: get back halfway shortcut 1 reply git
[PATCH v2 20/21] bisect: compute best bisection in compute_relevant_weights() 2 replies git
[PATCH v2 19/21] bisect: use a bottom-up traversal to find relevant weights 4 replies git
[PATCH v2 18/21] bisect: prepare for different algorithms based on find_all 1 reply git
[PATCH v2 17/21] bisect: rename count_distance() to compute_weight() 2 replies git
[PATCH v2 16/21] bisect: make total number of commits global 3 replies git
[PATCH v2 15/21] bisect: introduce distance_direction() 1 reply git
[PATCH v2 14/21] bisect: extract get_distance() function from code duplication 1 reply git
[PATCH v2 13/21] bisect: use commit instead of commit list as arguments when appropriate 1 reply git
[PATCH v2 12/21] bisect: replace clear_distance() by unique markers 2 replies git
[PATCH v2 11/21] bisect: use struct node_data array instead of int array 2 replies git
[PATCH v2 10/21] bisect: get rid of recursion in count_distance() 1 reply git
[PATCH v2 09/21] bisect: make algorithm behavior independent of DEBUG_BISECT 1 reply git
[PATCH v2 08/21] bisect: make bisect compile if DEBUG_BISECT is set 1 reply git
[PATCH v2 07/21] bisect: plug the biggest memory leak 1 reply git
[PATCH v2 06/21] bisect: add test for the bisect algorithm 1 reply git
[PATCH v2 05/21] t6030: generalize test to not rely on current implementation 5 replies git
[PATCH v2 04/21] t: use test_cmp_rev() where appropriate 2 replies git
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