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t1400 test failures

Armin Kunaschik

I have 2 failed tests here:
large transaction creating branches does not burst open file limit
large transaction deleting branches does not burst open file limit

both tests fail because of the decreased file limit:
git-2.8.3/t/../bin-wrappers/git: bad file unit number

The tests run fine on AIX with ksh88 when I increase the ulimit to 63 or higher.
bash and ksh93 test fine with the present ulimit of 32.

Changing the shell interpreter of the git-wrapper script to /bin/bash or
/bin/ksh93 is enough to make these 2 tests work with the lower ulimit.
All other scripts can be run with any shell.

I have no idea why the ksh88 consumes so much file descriptors, I also
don't have an idea if or how this test can be "fixed".

So I'll leave this here for information purposes :-)

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