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Nathan Wendt
Recently I have run into an issue with the git-completion.tcsh script
where an error would occur upon sourcing the file on login. The error
that would occur was:

__git_tcsh_completion_version: Subscript out of range.

In taking a look at the script, I noticed that when the script parses
the tcsh version that I am running it does not put the output into an
array. Thus, when it attempts to access subscript 2 of
__git_tcsh_completion_version it throws the above error. To correct
this, I changed

set __git_tcsh_completion_version =  ` \echo ${tcsh} | \sed 's/\./ /g'`


set __git_tcsh_completion_version =  `( \echo ${tcsh} | \sed 's/\./ /g' )`

and the script runs correctly. I could not find others having issues
with this in the forums so I am not sure if this is unique to my
system or not. Thought I would pass it along.

For reference, I am running tcsh 6.17.00 on RHEL 6.8

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