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git-subtree checkout under alternate foldername (git version

termnml tml
Hi people.

I want to creat a git repo with two upstreams.

The first is the root of JointsWP (
) going straight to my root (repo /).
No problem with this upstream-jointswp.

The second is the sub dir /templates of WooComerce (
he content in this one should go directly into my subdir /woocommerce.

I was able to do a sparseCheckout to only catch the /templates subdir of
the upstream(-woocommerce:/templates).
Now I want to "mv or rename" the checked out /templates to /woocommerce.
I want to keep full track of the commits done to /templates in the

Or is the git-subtree the wrong way to go?


Thank you great folks.

Sorry if this is the wrong place for my question.
Got a headsup to try here. ;)
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