[git/perl/cygwin] Permission denied at /usr/bin/git-svn line 2339

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[git/perl/cygwin] Permission denied at /usr/bin/git-svn line 2339

Tay Ray Chuan

i'm encountering an issue with git-svn running on cygwin (not sure if
this is exclusive to cygwin) when migrating data from svn to git.

$ git-svn clone file:///F:/test/svn-native-repo/
Initialized empty Git repository in /cygdrive/F/test/git/svn-native-repo/.git/
       A       sitemap.html
       A       funcs.js
       A       index.html
       A       styles.css
r1 = d112a5b470fd4387c7bbb7199d0d7a065754b127 (git-svn)
Permission denied: Can't open
'/cygdrive/c/DOCUME~1/myself/LOCALS~1/Temp/report.tmp': Permission
denied at /usr/bin/git-svn line 2339

the repo used was a dummy subversion repo with 2 revisions: an add,
and a modification commit. (dump file here [1])

i suspect this is caused by locks over files. using perl -d:

$ perl -d /usr/bin/git-svn clone file:///F:/test/svn-native-repo/
c 3995
c 3995
c 3838
c 85

85:         my @ret = $func->($self->{session}, @_);

immediately after this line the error is generated.

a fix would be to issue closes to the processes, as in
Git::_close_hash_and_insert_object and Git::_close_cat_blob:

>       $self->_close_hash_and_insert_object();
>       $self->_close_cat_blob();

(Note: currently this doesn't fix the issue too, cos the methods do
not do their job properly (on my side, at least): see


my environment is:
- win xp home sp2
- Cygwin: 1.5.25-15 (latest)
- Git: (latest)
- subversion-perl: 1.4.6-3 (latest)
- Perl: 5.10.0-5 (latest)

[1] http://thelilaeanbellis.com/shared/svn-native-repo.dump
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