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David Lang
I suspect that many people will see this anyway, but for those who don't
read lwn there is an article osted today about git (initially pointing at
the git magic site) that is attracting quite a few comments (18 so far)

David Lang


Git Magic may not be exactly new, but some of us have stumbled across it
later than others. It is a highly readable introduction to git with lots
of examples of how to get things done. "As Arthur C. Clarke observed, any
sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. This is
a great way to approach Git: newbies can ignore its inner workings and
view Git as a gizmo that can amaze friends and infuriate enemies with its
wondrous abilities. Rather than go into details, we provide rough
instructions for particular effects. After repeated use, gradually you
will understand how each trick works, and how to tailor the recipes for
your needs."

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