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What's cooking in git.git (Aug 2008, #02; Mon, 11)

Junio C Hamano
Here are the topics that have been cooking.  Commits prefixed
with '-' are only in 'pu' while commits prefixed with '+' are
in 'next'.

The topics list the commits in reverse chronological order.  The topics
meant to be merged to the maintenance series have "maint-" in their names.

[New Topics]

* jc/test-deeper (Fri Aug 8 02:26:28 2008 -0700) 1 commit
 - tests: use $TEST_DIRECTORY to refer to the t/ directory

* kh/diff-tree (Sun Aug 10 18:13:04 2008 +0200) 4 commits
 + Add test for diff-tree --stdin with two trees
 + Teach git diff-tree --stdin to diff trees
 + diff-tree: Note that the commit ID is printed with --stdin
 + Refactoring: Split up diff_tree_stdin

* js/parallel-test (Fri Aug 8 13:08:37 2008 +0200) 3 commits
 + Enable parallel tests
 + tests: Clarify dependencies between tests, 'aggregate-results' and
 + t9700: remove useless check

* xx/post-1.6.0 (Sun Aug 10 19:10:04 2008 -0400) 3 commits
 + git-submodule - Add 'foreach' subcommand
 + builtin-reflog: Allow reflog expire to name partial ref
 + git-am: ignore --binary option

Some collection of patches to queue for post-1.6.0 development.

[Graduated to "master"]

* rs/archive-parse-options (Fri Jul 25 12:41:26 2008 +0200) 1 commit
 + archive: allow --exec and --remote without equal sign

[On Hold and/or Cooking]

* jc/post-simplify (Sun Aug 3 17:47:16 2008 -0700) 3 commits
 + Topo-sort before --simplify-merges
 + revision traversal: show full history with merge simplification
 + revision.c: whitespace fix

"log --full-history" is with too much clutter, "log" itself is too cleverer
than some people, and here is the middle level of merge simplification.

* sp/smart-http (Sun Aug 3 00:25:17 2008 -0700) 2 commits
 - [do not merge -- original version] Add Git-aware CGI for Git-aware
   smart HTTP transport
 - Add backdoor options to receive-pack for use in Git-aware CGI

The "magic" detection protocol was revised to use POST to info/refs; the
top one queued is from before that discussion.

* jc/add-stop-at-symlink (Mon Aug 4 00:52:37 2008 -0700) 2 commits
 + add: refuse to add working tree items beyond symlinks
 + update-index: refuse to add working tree items beyond symlinks

Fix for a longstanding bug that allows "git add" and "git update-index" to
add a path "a/b" to the index when "a" is a symbolic link.  We would need
a similar fix for the case where "a" is a submodule.

* dp/hash-literally (Sun Aug 3 18:36:22 2008 +0400) 6 commits
 + add --no-filters option to git hash-object
 + add --path option to git hash-object
 + use parse_options() in git hash-object
 + correct usage help string for git-hash-object
 + correct argument checking test for git hash-object
 + teach index_fd to work with pipes

Gives a bit more flexibility to hash-objects by allowing us to lie about
the path the contents comes from.

* mv/merge-custom (Sat Aug 2 10:08:38 2008 +0200) 6 commits
 + Builtin git-help.
 + builtin-help: always load_command_list() in cmd_help()
 + Add a second testcase for handling invalid strategies in git-merge
 + Add a new test for using a custom merge strategy
 + builtin-merge: allow using a custom strategy
 + builtin-help: make some internal functions available to other

* cc/merge-base-many (Sun Jul 27 13:47:22 2008 -0700) 4 commits
 - git-merge-octopus: use (merge-base A (merge B C D E...)) for
   stepwise merge
 + merge-base-many: add trivial tests based on the documentation
 + documentation: merge-base: explain "git merge-base" with more than
   2 args
 + merge-base: teach "git merge-base" to drive underlying

* rs/imap (Wed Jul 9 22:29:02 2008 +0100) 5 commits
 + Documentation: Improve documentation for git-imap-send(1)
 + imap-send.c: more style fixes
 + imap-send.c: style fixes
 + git-imap-send: Support SSL
 + git-imap-send: Allow the program to be run from subdirectories of
   a git tree

Some people seem to prefer having this feature available also with gnutls.
Such an enhancement can be done in-tree on top of this series if they are
so inclined.

* cc/bisect (Fri Jul 25 05:36:37 2008 +0200) 2 commits
 - bisect: only check merge bases when needed
 - bisect: test merge base if good rev is not an ancestor of bad rev

The first one alone does not pass its self-test but combined together they
seem to.  It does not build confidence as the latter one is supposed to be
an optimization only.

* jc/add-addremove (Tue Jul 22 22:30:40 2008 -0700) 2 commits
 + builtin-add.c: optimize -A option and "git add ."
 + builtin-add.c: restructure the code for maintainability

* jk/pager-swap (Tue Jul 22 03:14:12 2008 -0400) 2 commits
 + spawn pager via run_command interface
 + run-command: add pre-exec callback

This changes the parent-child relationship between the pager and the git
process.  We used to make pager the parent which meant that the exit
status from git is lost from the caller.

* ph/enable-threaded (Mon Jul 21 11:23:43 2008 +0200) 1 commit
 + Enable threaded delta search on *BSD and Linux.

* sg/merge-options (Sun Apr 6 03:23:47 2008 +0200) 1 commit
 + merge: remove deprecated summary and diffstat options and config

This was previously in "will be in master soon" category, but it turns out
that the synonyms to the ones this one deletes are fairly new invention
that happend in 1.5.6 timeframe, and we cannot do this just yet.  Perhaps
in 1.7.0.

* jc/dashless (Thu Jun 26 16:43:34 2008 -0700) 2 commits
 + Revert "Make clients ask for "git program" over ssh and local
 + Make clients ask for "git program" over ssh and local transport

This is the "botched" one.  Will be resurrected during 1.7.0 or 1.8.0

* jk/renamelimit (Sat May 3 13:58:42 2008 -0700) 1 commit
 - diff: enable "too large a rename" warning when -M/-C is explicitly
   asked for

This would be the right thing to do for command line use, but gitk will be
hit due to tcl/tk's limitation, so I am holding this back for now.
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