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Shawn Pearce
Leandro Lucarella <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi! I think I've hit a really silly bug in citool/gui:
> git citool shows:
> new file mode 100644     # black
> @@ -0,0 +1,5 @@          # blue
> +                        # green
>  ===============         # orange
> +Hello World!!!!         # green
>  ===============         # orange
> +                        # green

Hmph.  Don't put 7 = on a line together.  Or 7 < or 7 > for that
matter.  It confuses some git related tools like git-rerere,
the template pre-commit hook, and git-gui.

In this case we think these are the lines between two hunks in a
merge conflict, so we are showing them specially to you.  Just in
case you staged a conflicted hunk by accident during a merge you
want it to stand out to help you notice the error.

Yes, it would be nice if git-gui knew this wasn't actually a merge
conflict but was instead proper text.  Sadly it isn't that smart.

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