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Karl Wiberg-2
On 2008-07-28 19:01:55 +0200, Jurko Gospodneti? wrote:

> StGIT's project page links to the
> page for its
> tutorial information.
> There the 'Configuration file' notes state that StGIT uses
> /etc/stgitrc, ~/.stgitrc and then .git/stgitrc configuration files
> in that order and that there is an example configuration file under
> the examples folder. However, grepping through the StGIT sources I
> found no references to the stgitrc file but only wrappers for using
> the native GIT configuration system. Also, looking at the examples
> folder I found only an example that seems to indicate that StGIT's
> configuration options should be integrated with other regular GIT
> configuration options.
> Did I miss something? Or is this wiki information outdated?

It's outdated. We'll have to bug Catalin to change it, since it's

> Testing this I see that StGIT does not read the git configuration
> correctly on Windows with msysgit anyway, but that's a story for a
> different thread.

Yes. StGit should be fairly Windows-portable, since it's all Python,
but to my knowledge no one has tried to use it on Windows, so there
are bound to be a few gotchas.

Karl Hasselström, [hidden email]
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