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dan gurt

Don’t you just hate it when you get error messages that say “The path
is too long” or “Error cannot delete file: cannot read from source
file or disk”.  That is such a hassle although all of us have
experienced this at one time or another.  Because the path is too
long, you cannot delete file, cannot delete folder, you are unable to
copy a file or a folder and you cannot share information.  The simple
problem of the path being too long affects so many functions that you
are trying to do in your computer or laptop.

Guess what, there is a very simple answer to your problem.  With Long
Path Error Fixer, no path is too long for you so you can delete files
and folders, copy them and share them all you want without
experiencing any problems at all!  You see Windows Explorer / FAR can
only work on pathnames that have 256 characters at all.  Otherwise, it
would say that “path is too long” so you will not be able to delete,
copy and rename files and folders.  With Path Too Long Fixer, that
will never be a problem because from 256 characters, it can handle up
to 32,000 characters!  That is a 31,744 character jump!  You just
can’t go wrong with that.

And if you are not too tech savvy, you have nothing to worry about.
If you think that the program is just for those “geeks” well I am
proud to confidently say that you are mistaken.  Path Too Long Fixer
is so simple and easy to use that it doesn’t take a genius to navigate
through it.  The interface is simple and extremely user friendly.
With it, you will be able to delete undeletable file.

If your laptop or computer is not very high tech, you have nothing to
worry about as well because installing Long Path Error Fixer does not
require any special system.  It works on practically any version of
Windows may it be NT, 2000, XP, Vista and even Windows 7.  Right after
installation, you will discover the many benefits of using this
program.  To begin with, long path folders and file search will be so
much faster.  You will be able to delete even files that are system
locked.  Even files that are from mapped network folders are can be
deleted now.  Are file paths that are more than 200 characters long a
problem for you before?  It won’t be any more because the system
allows you to list files that long and even longer!  You can unload
locking progress, copy and delete files and folder, delete after you
reboot your computer, close applications that use the file and the
list of benefits just goes on and on!  No path is too long for Long
Path Error Fixer so commands that would have been a problem in the
past will not be an issue anymore.

Say goodbye to “path too long” troubles and hello to the benefits of
using Path Too Long Fixer.
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