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No -rc3 today

Junio C Hamano
I seem to have hurt my back and won't be functional for the rest of the
day, so if anybody is wondring why -rc3 does not appear, nor any patch
being commented much, the reason is simply because I am taking a day off,
not because your patches are wrong or anything.

I liked the general idea of patches from Miklos (merge-recursive),
appreciate efforts by Thomas to clarify the semantics of history
simplification with various options, diff-tree --stdin update from Karl,
Mark's "submodule foreach", Peter's "log --check" exit code work, and p4
update from Anand.

But I haven't looked at any of them beyond their descriptions. Sorry about
that.  Hopefully competent people other than myself can still comment on
them and keep the discussion going and patches getting polished.

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