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Ensimag students contribution

Antoine Queru
Hello everyone,

 We are a team of 4 students from Ensimag (french computer science engineering school) tutored by Matthieu Moy, doing a full-time Git project, planning to work on few features during the next month.

We would like to start with microproject first,  "Add more builtin patterns for userdiff" and "Make upload-pack and receive-pack use the parse-options api" as a warm up. Then, we would like to work on features from the SmallProjectsIdeas Page on the wiki. We don't know yet what we can implement though, we will choose after contributing on our first project, to have a better understanding on the project as a whole.

If you have any suggestion for us, please feel free to warn us.

Best regards,

Beutin Fran├žois, Duclot William
Queru Antoine, Rabourg simon
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